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What is the aim of this concept?

  • Different types of dye are used to find the Rf value
  • It is used to find the presence of a particular mixture within a substance
  • Among the different types of dyes that are used are M&M’s , McComick food coloring, Kool-Aid and also the dyes available in a lab kit

How are the experiments carried on with these dyes?

  • In a beaker add 50 ml of lukewarm water and then add a pinch of salt. Wait till it dissolves completely
  • In a chromatography paper a single line of 1 cm is drawn at the bottom of the paper and are separated by lines of 1.5 cm between two sheets of paper
  • In the first sheet, the sections were labelled as B1, B2,R40,R3, Y5 and Y6
  • The second sheet consisted of R, Y, G, B which is meant for the grocery store
  • After testing each dye on chromatography paper few drops of dye were kept in a well of the plate with 24- well
  • Then a toothpick was inserted into each well and a single dot was given in the center of the line.
  • Then these samples were kept on the sheets of chromatography paper and were left to dry

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What are the food dyes?

  • The main purpose of food dyes or food coloring are to add certain flavors and colors to some special food items
  • The color of the food plays an important role in providing flavor to candies, ice cream and to wine
  • Sometimes red is added  to cherries and ketchup to make them appear more red

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