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What is Choosing Output in Long Run?

Before we proceed to answer this question, let us get a brief knowledge about what long run means in this subject. A long run refers to the time period during which production costs and factors are variable. Firms in the long run are generally able to accommodate all costs which are incurred whereas in short run they can only influence prices by modifying production levels.

In the long run, a company can vary all the inputs. It is up to the firm to decide whether to enter an industry or exit it. In here we will mainly discuss competitive markets where it is free to enter or exit depending on the firm. This can be done without any extra cost needed for entry or legal restrictions of any kind. Our choosing output in the long run assignment help will give a vivid account of this if that’s what you are looking for.

Competitive Equilibrium in Long Run

Competitive equilibrium in the long run occurs when there are three conditions:

  1. All firms in industry are maximizing their profit
  2. No firm will get an incentive when entering or exit it as all firms earn no economic profit for it
  3. The commodity’s price should be such that quantity supplied is equal or same as the quantity which is demanded by all consumers

In competitive equilibrium point, number 1 and 3 will always be true. Point number two basically distinguishes short run equilibrium from a long run. To understand this clearly check our choosing output in the long run assignment help.

How Entry And Exits Create Zeros Profit?

In perfectly competitive a firm which is acting alone cannot affect market price. But a number of firms combined entry to the market or exit from it will affect the overall supply which in turn will have a shift in the market’s supply as a whole, which will affect market price.

In the long run, entering a market and exit, it is the force behind the process which pushes price down to a minimum average total cost, so all firms earn zero profit from entering a market or exiting it. To know more see our choosing output in the long run homework help.

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