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Chemical bond is a physical occurrence where different substances are held together with the help of atoms that are either shared or exchanged by using electrostatic forces or electrons. The chemical bonds are present in solid metals, crystals as well as molecules and these molecules organize atoms in a proper structure. Weak bonds are normally the result of polarity.

When various atoms come close to one another, nuclei as well as electrons start interacting with each other and get themselves distributed in space in a way so that the total energy is lower than it would be for any other alternative arrangement. If total energy present in component atoms is higher than total amount of energy in a group of atoms, then they tend to bond together.

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Types of Chemical bonds

Atoms try arranging themselves in a steady pattern. This means that they try to complete the outermost electron orbit. In order to do this they join with the other atoms and they are held by a strong force known as molecules.Given below are the different types of Chemical bonds:

  • Covalent bonds

This is a very common bond between two molecules and electronsand here they get shared between these two atoms. There is a new orbit created by a pair of these shared electrons.These new orbits extend till nuclei of the two atoms, thereby producing a molecule. There are also secondary covalent bonds called hydrogen bonds and polar bonds present that are mostly studied in Biology.

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  • Ionic Bond

Here in this bond a transfer of electrons take place where one electron gains atoms and other electron loses it. So one of these ions contain a negative charge and the other is a positive charge. Opposite charges tend to attract each other and this way atoms bond with each other to form of molecules.

  • Polar Bonds

When two bonds get connected by a covalent bond, then that may exert different kinds of attractions on electrons that produce an uneven charge. This is known as polar bond. This bond is a bond that is somewhere in between a covalent and an ionic bond. Here one molecule is a little negatively charged and the other positively charged.

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  • Hydrogen bonds

Two adjacent water molecules are polarized and therefore it forms a linkage that is known as hydrogen bond. Here electro positive oxygen atom is connected to electro negative hydrogen atoms.

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