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There are a unique reason and purpose for the existence of every organization. It is the mission statement that reflects this uniqueness. The nature and characteristics of a business mission can provide the firm with a competitive disadvantage or advantage. If you want characteristics of a mission statement assignment help, you can hire our, services. When the manager, employees, and strategists are able to develop a clear mission and communicate it, the organization achieves a heightened sense of purpose.

Characteristics of a Mission statement

Mission statements may vary in terms of length or format, specificity, and content. Most strategic management practitioners consider a mission statement to be effective if it exhibits certain characteristics. A mission statement is usually the most public and visible aspect of strategic management prospects. This is why it is important for it to include all the necessary characteristics. All these characteristics are discussed in details by our tutors when they provide characteristics of a mission statement homework help.

  • Feasibility: It is important for a mission statement to aim high. However, it shouldn’t ever be a statement that is impossible. The objective of the statement should be realistically achievable. Remember, feasibility is always dependant on the resources available to the organization for working towards the mission.
  • Precise: It is essential for a mission statement to be precise. It should neither be too broad which makes it meaningless nor should it be too narrow such that it restricts the activities of the organization.
  • Clear: A mission has to be clear enough for it to preserve action. It shouldn’t just be a set of impressive remarks for the sake publicity. Several organizations do use such statements, although they probably do so to emphasize their character and identity.
  • Motivating: When you take our characteristics of a mission statement assignment help, you will come to know that an important characteristic of a mission statement is that it must be motivating for the organizational members and also for the society. The statement should make it feel like it’s worth to be the organization members for its customers.
  • Distinctive: An indiscriminate mission statement doesn’t generally have a major impact.
  • Strategic components: A mission statement should indicate the major strategic components that are being adopted by the organization.
  • Objectives: A mission statement should not only indicate the main aim of the organization; it should also indicate how those objectives shall be accomplished. Apart from providing an indication of the broad strategies that are to be adopted, it should also provide clues about the way in which the objectives are supposed to be accomplished.

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