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Let us take a look at what macroeconomics is and its Changes in exchange rate –

Economics has a sister branch know as macroeconomics that deals with overall changes in performances of economy. It is a result of growth, unemployment, trade happening internationally and also inflation altogether.

Changes in the exchange rate
Since currency is always freely traded 24×7, there are relevant and constant changes in exchange rate that happens. There are six factors that influenced this change and they are as follows:-
1.    Rate of Interest- Higher interest rates, more returns to investors.
2.    Growth of economy and its stability- Stable and a low-risk country has a strong value of currency.
3.    Rate of inflation- Lower rates of inflation, brings more currency value.
4.    Discrepancy in current accounts- Spending is higher than income and currency value will decline soon.
5.    Trading terms- Stronger the trade terms, stronger will be any currency.
6.    Level of debts in public- High inflations due to deficits in budget.

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