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Cells are building blocks that are there in all living beings. Body of human beings consists of trillions of cells and these cells are responsible for taking nutrients from food and converting these nutrients to energy. They also provide a proper structure to body and also carry out certain important functions.

There are also hereditary materials present in body. There are a number of different parts which cells are composed of and these parts are called organelles. These organelles again perform some very important tasks within the cell.

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What is Cell Biology?

Cell Biology is the study of procedures that are carried out by the cells in the body. These processes include organelle inheritance, bio genesis, cell division, motility and signal transaction. These different processes also affect a stimulus that is there in environment. This stimulus includes growth signals, cell to cell contact and nutrients.

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Functions of Cell

There is a plasma membrane enclosing a cell and this membrane is a selective barrier that helps waste products to go out and the nutrients to come in. There are a number of compartments present within them and these compartments are again surrounded by a different membrane.

In the cell you will be able to find nucleus that is considered to be one of the major organelles in the cell. This nucleus also has some very important information about the genes that help in both the cell reproduction as well as the cell growth. There is just one nucleus present in the cell; however there are a number of copies of other organelles present in the cell.

The organelles also contain mitochondria that are responsible for energy transmission in the body.

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Cell molecules

There is a special set of molecules present in the cells that are surrounded by a membrane. It is these molecules that help the cells to reproduce and grow. Cellular reproduction occurs at two stages- one is the cell division and the other is the cell growth.

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