What Are the Activities of Different Cells in Human Body?

Cells are the building blocks of life. They are the fundamental units which constitute the entire human body. The cells comprise of a cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, and the mitochondria also known as the power house of the cell, organelles and other sub cellular parts. There is more than one type of cell in organisms (except for unicellular organisms) and each kind of cell performs a different set of activities. The study of cells is known as cell biology. Proper Cell Biology Activities of the Cell homework help can help you with your studies.

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Types of cells and their activities:

Before we reveal more about our Cell Biology Activities of the Cell assignment help and tell you how it’s going to be the best thing for a successful academic life, here’s an idea on the various types of cell in a human body and the activities they perform:

  • The toughest cells in the body are the bone cells made of calcium and phosphate. Their function is to impart strength and structure to the body and to protect delicate organs the way ribcage protects our heart and lungs.
  • Cartilage cells are similar to bone cells except that they are flexible and helps to bend the body at joints.
  • Nerve cells are very important and they can be as much as a meter long. They have branches at both ends and the number of nerve cells never changes from birth to death. Their function is to act as receptors and transmitters of impulses.
  • Muscle cells are made of tissue and can be quite large. They provide insulation and help in the free flexible movement of the body.
  • Blood cells can be red blood cells or white blood cells or thrombocytes. WBC’s impart immunity, RBC’s work as carriers of nutrients and these cells are mobile, never staying in one place. Also they are constantly being destroyed and replaced by new ones.

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