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What is Cash and Liquidity Management Assignment Help in Accounts?
Are you new in this field of accounts and commerce? You must have been given cash and liquidity management projects. But if one doesn’t know the basic concept of cash and liquidity, it will be hard for him to do the projects. Well, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. My Homework help has brought before you the awesome team of cash and liquidity management assignment help. We are not only your teachers but also your friend to whom you can share problems related to topics.

What is cash and liquidity management?
It is the basic of accountancy where cash management helps one to understand how firms manage the flow of cash and also understand the flow of cash within the economy of a country. It also understands how to accelerate these collections of cash and also manage the disbursing of cash.

Not only this, cash flow also understands the features of many short term securities in the economic market. Maintaining the market research and understanding the flow of cash while researching is also very necessary here.

What are the reasons behind holding the cash?
Cash and liquidity management assignment help says that there are various roles which cash plays so as to hold its assets. They are as follows:

  • Motive of speculation is the prime reason which is known to hold the cash so that advantage can be taken of opportunities that are not expected.
  • There is a precautionary motive too which is said to hold the cash when in emergency.
  • Then you have the transaction motive which holds cash so that the daily bills can be paid off easily.
  • There is off trade market where cost of opportunity of cash holding is relative to the cost of transaction which helps one to convert the securities of market towards cash in case of transactions.

Not only this, there are various floats taught by our teachers in cash and liquidity management homework help.

What are the floats?
Well, cash flows have three types of floats that help one in running the business smoothly.
One must be thinking as to what the float is? Float is the difference in cash balance of cash account and the cash balance in bank account systems. There is disbursement float which generates when a particular firm draws cheques, there is collection float, which receive the cheques in book balance, then you have net float that is the sum of disbursement float and collection float.

The teachers in My Homework help cash and liquidity management homework help will guide you through all these cash flow systems that are managed within a perfect economic system. Our students love this assignment help because; here students are able to understand their favourite topic from the core level. This will not only help them in learning accounts in future but also will help you manage your own account systems.

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