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Cope up in Class Through Case Study Method Versus Lecture Approach

The education system is made interactive through various teaching and learning techniques. However, in this fast moving age, students find it difficult to cope up with the teaching techniques in school and thus slow down their learning ability. For this reason, we have a special section so that students can differentiate the case method versus lecture approach homework help.

Understanding the methods in the education systems

The case study method of learning is an interactive process between students and teachers. It boosts the confidence level of the students thereby giving him or her, the chance to impress the teacher. The teacher on the other hand gets the chance to understand and know the students on a skilled level.

The lecture approach is a more traditional approach practiced for many years. Here teachers lecture or tutor the student on a given topic or subject in a professional manner. This approach may be little dull or monotonous as it may involve less interaction.

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Problems faced by the students in class

Various methods are used in the class to enhance the students on the subject and give them a better insight into the topic. But in this education system, students may not be able to follow the teacher and hence their capacity is decreased. Some other problems the students are likely to face are:

  1. When both methods are instilled in the class, at the end of the class students gets confused.
  2. The lecture based method is not suitable in the real life scenario and is only theoretical while in the case study analysis student may not be able to think on their own.
  3. Both methods are tedious for the students as it needs both theoretical and practical thinking ability.
  4. Students cannot deal with both methods for all the subjects.

Learning to study in a practical and theoretical way

Students have to learn to cope with both the methods of education. The need for them is inevitable. Hence the case method versus lecture approach homework help experts comes in handy. Some of the advantages of these methods are:

  1. Students get to learn their concepts, formulas and theories in an interactive way while coping with their teacher.
  2. Both the methods boost up the confidence level of the teacher and the student
  3. Every chapter should have both these methods so that students get a better understanding of the lessons

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