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What is Carrying Costs of Inventory?

Carrying Costs of Inventory are the second major category of expenses that are related with inventory, and are involved in carrying or maintaining of inventory. It signifies the cost sustained by a company over a time period, in order to keep and hold its inventory. This figure is used by companies to identify exactly the amount of revenue that can be earned on an existing inventory. It also helps them to stay updated with the expenses or maintain the exactly similar revenue stream.

Typically, Carrying cost of inventory is referred to as a part of the value of inventory. The part can comprise of:

  • Cost of changing and guaranteeing products
  • Chance cost
  • Cost for keeping products stored
  • Insurance coverage
  • Devaluation
  • Staff member expenses
  • Taxes
  • Cost of capital that helps generate revenues for a business

The carrying cost of inventory also means the expenses of preserving the typical inventory in a store room, storage room, storage facility or any other spot where finished goods or basic materials are stocked in.

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Carrying Costs of Inventory needs complete comprehension

Today, the carrying costs of inventory have become a major expense and require immediate interest. The inventory control benefits surpass the expenses significantly. Any reduction in inventories, whether the finished items or materials, the work-in-process or the basic materials, it can have a significant impact on income and business growth.

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