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What is allotropy?

Few chemical compounds can exist in more than one different forms having same physical state .These forms are allotropes and the property of the element is called as allotropy. Carbon has many useful allotropes. Use our unique and error-free solutions for Carbon – allotropes Assignment help to make your complex assignments simple.

List of some allotropes of carbon

Some allotropes of carbon are

  • Diamond

Diamond is the most renowned allotrope of carbon. Basically the great dispersion of light and hardness of diamond is the reason of its extreme value in both industry and jewelry applications. As diamond is the hardest natural element on earth it is a superb abrasive also it holds luster or polish very nicely. Only a diamond can cut another diamond.

  • Graphite

Graphite is a good conductor of electricity. Because of this it is often used in electrical lamp electrodes. Graphite being the most stable carbon form in standard environment. So in thermochemistry graphite is the base state to define the heat of carbon compounds’ formation.

  • Lonsdaleite
  • C60 (Buckminsterfullerene)
  • C540
  • C70
  • Single-walled carbon nanotube or buckytube.
  • Amorphous carbon

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