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What is consumer surplus?

This is a platform to calculate the benefits of the consumer by examining and analyzing the difference in their capital they are able to pay and how much they are willing to pay for beneficial goods and services. Consumer surplus can be defined as a situation when the consumer is ready to pay more for the goods than their actual market price.

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Capturing consumer surplus with the help of Demand Curve

A demand curve represents the link between the price and quantity of goods and services demanded at a particular price where the x-axis represents quantity and y-axis represent price. Generally the demand curve is downward sloping curve as per the theory of the law of diminishing marginal utility.

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Consumer surplus can be captured in the area which is below the curve of the demand curve. One can capture consumer surplus on an individual basis as well as aggregated basis. One can notice that the value of the consumer surplus will increase with the decrease in the price of the products and vice-versa. Capturing consumer surplus helps in measuring the inflation level of the country and economic measure if needs to be taken. It is mandated to sustain a positive consumer surplus as it helps in realizing that consumers can buy products without being debt under taxes and under payment.

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