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Introduction to capital structure

Capital structure is the accumulation of all kinds of funds which includes both short term and long term debt that the firm uses to finance its operations and assets. Capital structure is the backbone of all operations of the firm.

Before a firm commences to work a model of the capital structured is designed approved by the finance managers. A good model will finally write the fate of the firm. So while making a capital structure model, managers be very careful. In our capital structure assignment answers you will get to know the real benefits and importance of capital structure.


Following are the list of the basic determinants of capital structure. Through our assignment help service you will get explanations on each determinants.

  • Financial plan flexibility
  • Market condition.
  • Choice of investors.
  • Cost of financing
  • Period of Financing

A capital structure mainly depends on the ratio of debts which a firm actually raises. Now this ratio can vary from one firm to other. We will provide you few examples of different firms to make the Capital structure homework answers more presentable.

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