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Meaning of capital rationing?
There comes a time in a company where they place restrictions on the total amount of new investments or its new projects. This restriction is said to be as capital rationing and is done by striking a higher price on every capital that will be used for investment.
There are many divisions through which a capital rationing can be sub divided into and our Capital rationing Homework Help team has explained them below:

  • Soft and hard capital rationing:

Whenever there are restrictions that are made by management due to lack of management skills, lack of focus on key areas and many projects undertaken then there is soft rationing. But hard rationing happens when restrictions happen from external sources as a business cannot finance for a project which is a result of recessions, lack of record, and lack of security.

  • Single period capital rationing:

This happens when there is funds shortage for a single period only. This can be further sub- categorized into divisible Projects and non- divisible projects.

  • Divisible projects: Where one can complete some parts of projects by identifying the core relationship between the benefit and cost of a project.
  • Non- Divisible projects: There is no option to complete little parts of projects. There is just trial and approach method to find the best possibilities to complete the project within limited capital.
  • Multi period capital rationing:

This seems to have shortages of funds for multiple times that are more than one period.

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