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Human being, since time immemorial, is fighting against all bad impact of nature and its ill effect on the life. Diseases are, sometime the effects of nature sometime the causes of our ill practice.Cancer is such a disease which starts with chemical changes in chromosomes known as mutations. Due to these changes a cell or a group of cells of a body part grow in an abnormal rate hence, an abnormal growth is found in that part of the body. It is medically termed as tumor.

Tumors are beginning stage of cancer, sometimes cancer affects other parst of the body which is termed as secondary tumors. Now most of the cancers are curable but in some cases it may relapse too.  This deathly diseases is categorized as per the name of those specific cell from where it starts – they are given below

  • Carcinomas
  • Lymphomas
  • Leukemia
  • Brain tumor
  • Sarcomas

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Types of cancer 

More than two thousand types of cancer prevail in this world, amongst them the most critical types are discussed below –

  • In brain

Begin with brain tumor and common symptoms are – intolerable headache, vertigo and fit. This can be spread out to other parts of the body.

  • In breast

It is one of the main reasons of cancer death for women. It is curable if it is detected in the early stage

  • In lung

It affects the bronchus of one’s lung; common symptoms are cough, blockage, repertory problems, pneumonia etc. It can spread out hence termed as malignant.

  • In stomach

It attacks the cells of stomach which is located at the upper part of abdomen.

  • In liver

It affects the cell of the liver. Common symptoms are high fearer, jaundice etc. and it is malignant.

  • Testicular cancer

It affects the cell of testicles, the male reproductive organ.

  • Cervical Cancer

It attacks the cells of cervix, one of the parts of female reproductive organ. 

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