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What is Biology?

Biology is the branch of science that deals with the study of all living organisms and impact of environment on them. Study of Biology is divided into two major parts as –

  • Zoology – This part deals with the study of all animals. Unicellular and multicellular organisms have different activities. They always work according to their internal structure as well as ability.
  • Botany – This includes all parts related to plant.

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What are the different categories?

These are –

  • Species
  • Genus
  • Family
  • Order
  • Class
  • Phylum
  • Kingdom

Species is the smallest category, and each category has some proper characteristics. On the basis of these characteristics, they can be differentiated and organized.

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What are the Five Kingdom Classifications?

In Biology, kingdom is the largest part, and there are five kingdoms. These are –

  • Monera
  • Protista
  • Fungi
  • Plantae
  • Animalia

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What are the basic parts of biology?

Biology means all living things and to understand biology in a proper way; you just need to understand abut the structure of cell. A cell is known as a functional unit of life. Plant cells are completely different than animal cells and thus it is very important to understand the function of a cell. Scientific name is another important thing that each student must have learned.  It is also prominent to know that biology has a huge part and you must have complete knowledge of it.

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