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Building-Block Concepts means the basic concept about any subject. So, here our subject of concern is the basic concept of costing system. Costing is an important part of accounts and finance. It plays a significant role in the field of manufacturing business organisations. The main focus of costing system is:

  1. It determines cost bearing objects
  2. Identifies direct cost objects
  3. Allocates the objects of indirect cost
  4. Calculates the rate of per unit for each and every cost
  5. Calculate the indirect cost

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Students may ask, why learn accounting at all? The answer is that it is the only subject on which the industrial and finance sectors are running. Costing and Accounting are regarded as the mother tongue for business. Business is an extremely useful, dependable and strong source of income and profit. Ambitious people often opt for business, and there is no shortage of businessmen and business firms in our society.

So if you are planning on becoming a businessman in future, then concentrate and understand the basic ideas of it, where building-block concepts of costing systems assignment help. For understanding the basic concept of costing system, fundamental points are discussed here.

In order to understand a subject, we must first know about its basic ideas and terms. They are:

  1. Incomeit is the total revenue earned by a business or organisation
  2. Expenses–Total expenditures needed on establishment, labours, employees, etc.
  • Assets–the properties and other machinery that a company owns, whose price keeps varying.
  1. Liabilities–They are responsibilities of company towards their permanent employees and workers.
  2. Owner’s Equity
  3. Debit–These are investments made by companies in banks or other profitable areas, including their own business.
  • Credit–This includes business loans taken by a company to set up factories or as capital in business.

This long list of terms speaks more of less a brief story of business. It is simply, revenue should be so high that it exceeds the sum of all expenses, money equivalent of assets and liabilities, credit, debit, etc. and bring in profit for the owner(s). But it is easier said than done and hence we have brought our building-block concepts of costing systems homework help.

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