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We all know that before setting a business certain steps are followed in the beginning. The steps are almost same for all companies may it be big or small. Future predictions are important for a business. One such future planning is budgeting. Now what is that actually? Budgeting is the process of balancing the income with expenses. Budgeting is the prediction and planning of how to deal with the total profit. The extra income which remains is managed by the budgeting department of the business. Every company has a different management team which plans the budget every year.

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The budget formed by different companies is different from each other. On the needs of the company and market conditions, budgeting is done accordingly. A part of budgeting also has some mathematical work. Our Budgeting assignment answers also contain mathematical calculations.

Types of budgets

The purpose of budget is to help the business in tracking its resources and operations. Following are the list of types of budgets:

  • Master budget
  • Cash flow budget
  • Operating budget
  • Static budget
  • Financial budget

In the Budgeting assignment answers you will get details about each of the budget type. It is important to mention few examples while explaining each of the types.

Factors that affects the budgeting predictions

There are some factors which affects the budget predictions. Following are the list of some affects:

  • The previous sales figures.
  • The actions of the competitors.
  • The government acts and legislation.
  • The market researches
  • The economic conditions and market conditions.
  • Revenue and expenditure of the firm.

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This happens mostly because management and finance students go through academic pressure. Another problem is that lots of research work is needed to complete an assignment on financial topics.

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