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When a business is formed there are several planning and predictions made in the beginning of the actual operation. It is very important to plan everything. A proper planning of the budget is the first thing which is done before starting a business operation. If the budget planning is successful the firm can achieve its goals in the long run. Now what budgeting is? It is the process of separating the excess income and keeping it aside for further use. There are different perspectives and definition of budgeting. It depends on book to book.

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Budget Planning- The first Planning Process

Budget Planning is referred to the first planning process. When a firm starts a business the first thing that the managers do is to conduct a meeting on budget planning. It can also be defined a process of saving income against expenses. You can call budgeting as the planning of the right balance between income and expenses. In our Budget planning homework answers you will get to know the importance of the planning. If the planning is conducted in the right way, the firm can achieve its goals much faster and the fate of the firm remains secure in the long run.

Problems faced by students

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