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What is broad averaging?

Broad averaging is a type of costing approach that makes use of system of broad average to allocate cost of resources to objects associated with costs uniformly when individual products or services use those resources in non-uniform, ways. It is also known as peanut butter costing.

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What are its consequences?

Needless to say, broad averaging has some consequences. Broad averaging results in the under costing or over costing of a product. It leads to the formation of inaccurate cost data which is rather misleading in making cost decisions. Still confused? Well, opt for broad averaging and its consequences homework help to understand it better.

 Let’s say for example, a company uses cost information of a product to guide them through cost decisions. Now under costing will result in loss as the products will be under-priced and overpricing leads to product losing out to the competitors in the market. Moreover, under costing and over costing of the products makes the manager focus on the wrong products especially on the over costed ones which might be reasonable whereas the under costed ones might attract a large amount of resources.

What is costing system refinement?

Costing system refinement makes changes to simple costing system to minimize the use of broad averaging to assign cost of measures to cost of objects between measurements of the costs of overhead resources sued by different cost objects.

Guidelines for costing system refinement

There are three guidelines that the costing system refinement follows. You can learn about it with broad averaging and its consequences assignment help. They are:

  1. Classify the totals costs as direct costs as reasonably as possible.
  2. Expansion of cost pools which are indirectly related until each one is homogenous.
  3. Making use of criteria which for cause and effect to identify the cost allocation base for each indirect cost pool.

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