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The structured method with the help of which a particular company is able to assess the outcome as well as the sources of brand equity is called Brand Value Chain. It also tries to find out ways by which different marketing activities are able to create brand value of a particular company. We, at try to provide you with The Brand Value Chain Assignment Help. Here importance of branding is explained in simple language.

Ways different brands create value

It has been observed that in the last few years branding has gained a significant importance and more and more people believe that a proper branding will help them to earn large revenues.Marketing Managers along with the Brand Managers work very hard to create a very strong branding of a particular company.

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Reasons for growing importance of Branding

Most people these days remain extremely busy and an average adult spends almost half a day working. As a result most people do not have much time to think and they try to take decisions very quickly. This is when branding comes into play. Success of a company depends a lot on the image that a customer has about that company. So, most companies work very hard to create a good brand image of their company.

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Different Stages of Marketing

Value stages of marketing are made up of certain key elements and it is a linear process which means that each of these value stages influence next value stage. Effect that each of these stages have is determined by multiplier.

For example, in the first stage the customer mind set is determined but it is the quality of the marketing program investment that determines whether a proper customer mindset has been created or not. In case if quality of marketing program is not good then it might have a negative impact on customer mind.

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