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 If you have been observant, you might have noticed that very big businesses operate as numerous different brands, with different taglines and logos, with different brand ambassadors that offer vastly different services and products.

A brand portfolio is used to bring all these different brands of the same parent company under a single umbrella. The companies under a particular brand portfolio are often seen to take a separate trademark and hence exist as a standalone business entity.

Example of a brand portfolio

Let us take the example of Pepsico. Pepsico is a big multinational company, having its presence in almost all the continents. Pepsico has a number of different products under its umbrella like the very well-known and popular Pepsi. The other products under the portfolio of Pepsico are Tropicana, Quaker and other such foods and beverages companies.

The primary advantage of having this brand portfolio of Pepsico for launching a new product in the market is that people already are aware of the brand Pepsico and as such will be more liable to buy this new product from its stables because they have trust in the parent brand and identify with it.

Advantages of brand portfolio

  • Brand portfolios help to remove the confusion among customer. A particular customer might not be able to identify a particular brand but he or she might be able to identify any other brand present in its brand portfolio. If he or she has enough faith and trust on the brand that he or she has identified then he or she might even buy the product or avail the services offered by a brand which is unknown to him or her but its brand portfolio isn’t.
  • Brand portfolios help to bring visibility and credibility to large businesses.
  • By creating a brand portfolio, large businesses utilise the resources present at hand much better and as such are able to create a clearer path for their future growth and plans, both for their employees and for their customers.

Brand Portfolio homework

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Brand portfolio homework help

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