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Brand extensions are basically methods or a strategies used by companies to launch a new product into the market by using an already prevalent brand name. However, even though brand extensions use an already popular brand name, the new product or service that has been launched using brand extensions, operates in an entirely different field.

Advantages of brand extensions

  • Brand extension prevents confusion among customers and helps the newly launched product to grab eyeballs.
  • Brand extensions are primarily used to leverage profits and increase the customer base.

Risks associated with brand extensions

There are some risks associated with brand extensions. At first sight what might appear to be a win-win situation for a company might not be the case always. If the newly launched product under brand extension is not a success then it might tarnish the reputation of the parent company and even hamper its business prospects.

A key pointer while deciding brand extensions is to keep in mind that the original product or service and the newly launched or yet to be launched product or service must have some direct link among themselves, otherwise it may lead to brand dilution.

Importance of brand extensions

Brand extensions are an integral part of any business venture. The importance of brand extensions in academic curriculum cannot be denied as well. For any student studying management, business or students studying related subjects, brand extensions forms a pivotal part of their curriculum.

Problems faced by students while doing assignments

Time is an important constrain in all our lives, especially if you are a student. You need to juggle your academic, professional and personal life. A student studying business or management has to attend numerous hours of lecture classes, industrial training, market exposures and internships. He or she also needs to complete his or her curriculum on time and pass with flying colours in order to land a lucrative job. Amidst all these tensions and a packed schedule, assignments just adds more pressure.

Though the ideology behind giving assignments is to broaden the realm of knowledge of the student, however it cannot be ignored that the curriculum offers the student limited knowledge, which is often not enough to single handily complete the assignment satisfactorily.

Students are often confused as to whom to approach in order to clear their doubts. For such students, an online portal like has become a saviour of sorts. All that the students need to do is submit their brand extensions assignments by subscribing to brand extensions homework help.

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