Maintaining the Error Level with Bonferroni Method

What is Bonferroni method?

The general question that arises after seeing the name Bonferroni method is what is it? This acts almost as a safe guard to prevent type I error which is basically generates from the familywise error rate. The hypotheses that are compared by doing so remain under strict control to maintain the error level.

You will see that this Bonferroni Method Homework Help that this specific test is a strong alternative of Bonferroni correction. It can be mentioned here that it is one of the oldest test where the stepwise algorithms is used. It received its name from the Sture Holm who actually created this method.

How does it perform?

It can be said here that it performs the task of controlling the error in the familywise error when there are different types of hypotheses are put to compare with each other. The basic approach is to keep the track of type I error and control it. You will find in the Bonferroni Method Homework Help at that it is done by simply adjusting the different types of rejection matters that are the result of the multiple comparisons of the hypotheses.

Vital information on it:

There are some simple facts that are very important to keep watch for it. We should mention them one after another:

  • Bonferroni method is performed when there are many hypotheses are compared with each other.
  • When there are multiple appearances of the hypotheses then there is the possibility to reject the actual hypotheses.
  • Bonferroni method applies closing features of itself to control the familywise error. This is the reason why you will find in the Bonferroni Method Homework Help that this method is called closed testing method.
  • Bonferroni method is proved to be very handy when applying locally on the sections and subsections of the null hypotheses. This method is mentioned to be one of the shortcuts.
  • It is clear in the Bonferroni method that one hypothesis is only rejected when it controls the familywise error and while doing so the subdivisions of the hypotheses and the families start to be controlled by the famiwise errors.
  • You will see in the Bonferroni Method Assignment Help that when a familywise error is rejected it doesn’t forcefully reject the null hypotheses also. It is said that if there should be case when an intersectional hypothesis is not rejected and still performing then the elemental hypothesis is also not rejected.

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