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In business, transaction of money is something that takes place nearly on a daily basis. Again it can be said that transaction is also dependent on the requirement of business. However, there is a specific terminology ‘bon voyage’ which remains confusing to most finance students. And to clear the cloud of confusion from the minds of students, we extend you our bon voyage homework help manual.

What is Bon Voyage?

If seen as a generalized terminology, bon voyage is an expression of good wishes. But the same term has a different meaning in finance. Bon voyage or bon voyage bonus is the name of the strategy, commonly known as Greenmail. This is a tactic expressing more on anti-takeover terminology when shares are bought back by any target company.

This repurchase strategy is generally utilized for shares taken from competitive companies when their prices are inflated. These unfriendly organizations have stocks in larger quantities of their targeted firm who stand as a threat for a hostile takeover.

Making the explanation simple

It is through bon voyage assignment help; you can understand this equation is simple between both the companies. In case of bon voyage, a target firm gives away a certain amount of money to a different company (does not include their sister companies)

Anti-greenmail provision

This is taken as a preventive measure which acts as a restraining feature to the side of managers related to target corporations. This measure is mainly associated with preventing them from repurchasing their firm’s stocks at a profitable amount when the market favors them (stocks).

This provision is created on the speculation from the point of view of shareholders. There was a strong probability of most shareholders to showcase various befitting reasons and alter the reasoning of their respective company’s board of directors.So, to stop such action from taking place, this provision was brought to existence.

A simple example of such provision is the fact related to tax treatment of United States Federal. As per that, it is mandatory that a shareholder requires having appropriate approval from the government to purchase stocks. Greenmail or bon voyage tax percentage from this is 50%. In addition to this, there are also a number of examples to explain you more about anti-bon voyage provision and its prevention in bon voyage homework help manual.

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