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Biological Molecules: Types and DNA Homework Help

What is a biological molecule?

A biological molecule, also known as biomolecules, is any molecule which can be found in any living organism. Molecules present in living beings can vary in size and shape and each category can be further divided into subcategories. In terms of size, the body of living organisms contains macromolecules such as proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids and others. at the same time biomolecules can be small in size and present in the form of natural products and primary and secondary metabolites.

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Biomolecules: organic and inorganic:

Biomolecules can be organic as well as inorganic and when students are studying biomolecules, they must know about both to have concise knowledge on biological molecules. As for organic molecules, like organic compounds in chemistry, there is carbon forming the foundation and then there is a reigning presence of hydrogen. A living being is made up of both organic and inorganic compounds. Inorganic molecules are those containing other components or elements. These inorganic compounds can have either hydrogen or carbon molecules present in them, but if they have both then they are organic compounds.

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Biomolecules: DNA, RNA and nucleic acids:

Polymerizing nucleotides build up nucleic acids and nucleic acids are the biomolecules which constitutes a living organism’s DNA. Their function is to serve as molecules which store and retrieve information about the initial type or primary type of polypeptides. Thus, it is nucleic acid which forms the code DNA which separates one person from another or one species from another.

The genetic code containing nucleotides are macromolecules which are very complex and related molecules are required for transferring these genes from parents to off springs. The closely related molecules are DNA and RNA.

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