Biodiversity Homework Help: Definition with Types of Fauna

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What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is an abbreviated form of the term biological diversity, which as the name suggests, refers to the diversity of lives on the planet Earth. It refers to both plant life and animal life known as flora and fauna respectively. In a broader view, biodiversity refers to the varieties within species, among species as well as within ecosystems like forests, lakes, oceans and others.

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Biodiversity: distribution and importance:

Biodiversity tends to have maximum concentration in the tropical regions and the reason is that the temperature is suitable for breeding. For marine species, the biodiversity is richest along the Western pacific coast, owing to the temperature of water at surface level.

Fauna comprise of mammals, reptiles, insects, crustaceans, fishes, molluscs, birds and every living thing that can move from one place to another on its own.

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Divisions of Fauna:

The animal life on the planet or the fauna can be divided into numerous subcategories and students shall be able to learn about them with our biodiversity – animals homework help:

  • Cryptofauna are the species of animal that live in enclosed microhabitats
  • Cryofauna are the animals which live near nice
  • Infauna are the species that live within the bottom most strata of oceans, within the sediments
  • Epifauna live in the lowest strata of oceans and not within it

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