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Bidding is that aspect of Auctions in which the buyers tend to bid their rates on the products that is shown to them. In case firms which are competitors tend to bid on a common product or service, they tend to bid more and more to outgrow each other ultimately leading in each-others’ loss. To avoid this, fixing of bidding is done. This fixing is known as collusion. Although unfair to the sellers, this is a process by which the firm owners can profit and prevent their money from going down the drain.

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Bidding and collusion is a process that people tend to indulge in so as to make profits themselves instead of giving it off to the sellers. While the maximizing auction revenue is the process by which the sellers ‘cheat’, Bidding and collusion is the process by which the buyers ‘cheat’. These are essentially the hacks that students must learn so as to refrain from getting cheated, both as a buyer and as a seller.

How can bidding and collusion help buyers?

Bidding and collusion can help the buyers in more ways than one. With the economy of firms already being in a state of risk half the time, it is important that they ensure that the eroding away of profits does not happen in additional circumstances. To make this happen, they indulge in bidding and collusion. They bid after discussing the bid with their fellow competitors to win one bid each. Now, to understand how these bids and collusions work, bidding and collusion homework helpis something you must definitely come to us for.

As easy as it might seem to you in the first go, it is absolutely not so. Bidding and Collusion is not easy and in certain cases can even be termed as illegal. To deal with its assignments with easy, come to us for bidding and collusion assignment help.

Problems faced by students while studying

  • Students find it difficult to understand why someone would agree to pre plan their bid with their apparent enemy or fellow competitor. To keep an open mind when studying this is necessary and this is something students generally lack.
  • The proper understanding of the chapter is extremely important and this is something students fall short of too.
  • Assignments are those high level burdens that they absolutely cannot cope with. Bidding and collusion homework helpfrom us is sure to help you in such circumstances.

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