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The term evolutionary economics refer to the part of mainstream Economics.It is also inspired by an evolutionary biology to develop some economic thought. Like Economics, evolutionary Economics deals with:

  • Competition
  • Complex interdependence
  • Structural change and growth
  • Resource constraints
  • They differ in different approaches which are generally used to analyze the different kinds of phenomena.

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What are the things that evolutionary Economics deals with are:

  • It deals with the study of different processes that helps to transform the economy for institutions, firms, employment, production, trade, industries and growth
  • It helps to analyze the institutional and technological innovation
  • It helps to generate and test a varied kind of ideas which will enable you to discover and gather together the total value of costs incurred
  • It also manages to define economic efficiency
  • Evolutionary Economics focuses mainly on the non -equilibrium processes.
  • The different processes are emerged through various actions with bounded rationality

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This evolutionary Economics can be applied to evolutionary Psychology also. The main principles are:

  • All the biasness and inconsistencies in rational choice theory are argued to explain with the help of this evolutionary Economics.
  • Utility which is the basic economic concept is viewed through this concept.

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Behavioural economics seems like a subject which is loosely connected set of certain biasness and demands some sort of theoretical unification. Here comes evolutionary biology to join the concepts with one another. In the absence of certain specific theories the efforts to unite the theories remain half understood and half explained. It definitely fails to show any satisfactory amount of the patterns and origins of different irrationalities.

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