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What Does ‘The Behavior of Market Price’ Indicate?

The term “market price” refers to the current price at which any service or asset can be sold or purchased. The market price is manipulated by the interaction between traders and dealers. According to the theory of Economics, the market price tends to converge at a specific point that sees the forces of demand and supply meet with each other. There can be re-evaluation in the market price for a service or good due shocks to the demand side and the supply side.

When it comes to a security, the market price refers to the recent price of trading of the security. It refers to the result of interaction of dealers, traders and investors with one another in a market.

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What Makes The Behavior of Market Price Essential to Microeconomics?

The Behavior of Market Price is important for understanding how a specific market price is arrived at. When a trader sells a security, a dealer purchases it while when a trader purchases a security the dealer sells the same. Thus, a trader and a dealer take up the opposite sides of a trade. The dealer acts like an intermediary and represents other traders.

In situations where a trader stops or places limits on orders away from the current market price, the dealer keeps the orders on hold until the market price reaches the order price and there is execution of the orders.

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