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What is beer’s law?

  • There are many compounds thatabsorb UV or ultraviolet rays or even visible light.
  • Monochromatic radiation with radiant power gets directed at a particular sample solution
  • As a result absorption takes place
  • While leaving the sample, the radiation beam has a radiant power

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What is the relationship between absorbance and transmittance?

  • The absorbance becomes zero when light passes without any absorption through a solution
  • The transmittance percent is 100%
  • When all the light gets absorbed, then the transmittance percent becomes zero
  • On the other hand the absorption becomes infinite

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What is beer lambert’s law?

There are times when people who uses it, fails to understand the significance of the law. The equation which represents the law is very easy and straight forward.

The equation is: A=Ebc

Where A represents absorbance with no units

Edenotes the molar absorbtivity

b represents the total path length of the sample. It denotes the curvette length of the path where the sample is present

c denotes the concentrated compound present in the solution

As absorbance is directly proportional to all other parameter so this law is expressed in this way.

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What is the linear relationship of this law?

  • The relationship between absorbance and concentration is very straightforward and simple.
  • For this reason, absorbance is expressed as an absorption measure.

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