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Bayesian theory:

The game theory generally has two types of information. They are complete and incomplete. When a particular player knows all about the rest of the players then it is a complete information. They must be aware of each and everything though.

On the other hand if there is a team of players who have only some idea about each other then it is incomplete information. This is exactly what the Bayesian theory feeds on! It is where the players have idea about the others.

But then they are not complete. With the best available Bayesian Games Two examples concerning information homework help students will understand more! With the below mentioned two examples a student can absolutely understand all about it.

The sheriff and the criminal:

In this example a criminal faces a sheriff. Of course both are pointing guns towards each other. The criminal obviously know about the sheriff. There can only be one nature to him. The sheriff on the other hand has no information on the criminal.

There are chances that he may shoot. Also, there are chances that he may not shoot. This is one situation where the sheriff lacks complete information on the criminal. And thus the Bayesian game come to exist.

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The cricket game:

There are two opponents playing a cricket. One opponent has bribed the umpire. They have ensured that the decisions are in their favour only. The other players are also playing the game. Just they are not aware of bribery.

This is again where the Bayesian games have come to play. One can absolutely be assured of the fact that with the best Bayesian Games Two examples concerning information assignment help things can be easier.

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