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Are you studying Statistics? It is a very popular field of studies in the recent academic scenario. However, to secure a good job opportunity, it is a must that you score well in each and every chapter of this subject. Bayes Theorem and random variables is one of chapters of Statistical studies that are indeed quite difficult.

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What are random variables?

Those variables which have their possible values as numerical outcomes of a random experiment are called random variables. They are generally denoted by X. There are two types of random variables, one is discrete and other one is continuous. Examples of both kinds of random variables are given below:-

  1. Discrete: – Number of Cars in an each city.
  2. Continuous: – Average weight of men in each city.

We discuss this in details through our Bayes theorem, random variables Assignment Help services.

What is Bayes Theorem?

Bayes’ Theorem is based on conditional probability. Let us assume that there are two events A and B. P(A|B) is denoted as Conditional probability of A given B. The mathematical formula for the same is P(joint occurrence of the events A and B)/P(B). Through our Bayes theorem, random variables Homework Help services, you will develop a clear concept of this theorem and how it works.

Its application and calculation:

Let us assume that there n events as A1, A2, …, An. These mutually exclusive events that together form the sample space O. Let B be any event from the same sample space, such that

P (B) > 0. Then,
P( Ak | B ) =   P( Ak ∩ B )

P( A1 ∩ B ) + P( A2 ∩ B ) + . . . + P( An ∩ B )

Using the definition of conditional probability and mathematical induction method Bayes’ Theorem can be proved. The Bayes theorem, random variables Assignment Help services that we offer, ensures that you not only score well in exams or impress teachers, but also secure a job during recruitment, by impressing the recruiters about your concept of this chapter.

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