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Economics is a subject which is very interesting to most students as it involves real life scenarios or situations. Though it is a very loveable subject still students are not fond of doing homework or assignments. Most students look for assistance when it comes to doing homework. To ease the burden of such hard assignments our Battle of the Sexes homework help experts try to assist students by providing best help for their work.

What is Battle of the Sexes mean?

Before knowing about this one must know what game theory means. It is studying of conflict mathematical models and cooperation which is found between rational and intelligent decision makers. This is used mainly in economics, psychology and political science.

Battle of the sexes in game theory is a coordination game between two players. For example, if a husband wants to go to a football game and the wife to an opera then the couple play this game to decide.  Our Battle of the Sexes homework help experts at explains this in much detail with examples.

The Analysis of Equilibrium

This can be defined by taking into the account about a couple playing this game where the husband wants to go to a football match and wife to an opera. In this game, there is two Nash equilibria strategy. In one strategy both of them go to an opera and in another, both of them go to a football game. These two are considered as a pure strategy.

In Nash equilibrium mixed strategies both players often go to the event, they prefer than the other. There are also payoffs listed in first game where each player will attend the event they prefer with 3/5 probability. Battle of the Sexes assignment help gives an in-depth analysis of the game.

The Ambiguity in Game

In the game, no probabilities objective is given and it becomes impossible or difficult for assigning subjective probabilities for events. So decisions are ambiguous. Roux and Kelsey mentions a test for an experiment. The test was of ambiguity influence on behavior which would have a safe strategy added.

This paper is on studying behaviour of the subjects who play the game in presence of some ambiguity. The paper attempts to get the fact that whether the players playing the game will preferably choose safe option of an ambiguity. Know more about this in detail from our Battle of the Sexes assignment help.

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