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All you need to know about financial ratios

A financial ratio is one way to measure a business performance. It usually finds its utility in the accounting of the financial situation of an organization. The standard ways of financial ratios are applied by owners or the shareholders of a firm.

What is the purpose of financial ratios?

Financial ratios find usage by both investors and management.

  • Management uses financial ratios to analyze their improvement
  • Investors apply the principles of financial ratios to verify the longevity of a firm.

Ratios by its usual term mean to compare among various firms in the same field of work.The increase and decrease in liquidity of a company’s shares channelize its efficiency in the long run.

Basic types of financial ratios are

  • Liquidity ratios

It shows an organization’s capability to liquidate their bill.

  • Profitability ratios

It focuses on the assets gained by the company. It channelizes the efficiency of a company to make a profit.

  • Activity ratios

It demonstrates the functionality of a company. It is also known as the turnover ratio.

  • Market ratios

It is used to examine the present market value of a communal firm’s share.

Above listed points is only a gist of the basic types of financial ratios. However, there are a lot of other categories too. The understanding of all the ratios needs thorough attention, which is the main factor lacking among modern-day students.

Need for basic Types of Financial Ratios homework help

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