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Performance measurement is important for any organization or firm, which is why students must know about these measures. You can consider balanced scorecard and time-based measures homework help if you wish to do so. Performance measurement is basically the process of collecting or analyzing information about the performance of an organization or a firm. Studying the strategies or processes within the organization may be involved. Performance measurement is done to check whether the output is in line with what was intended.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are used commonly for helping companies guide and manage their progress in an effective manner. The entire concept of KPI and the balanced scorecard is to keep the long-term company objectives and worker performance aligned together. Key performance indicators are very helpful in determining whether a company is moving in the correct direction.

The balanced scorecard is used by most companies for tracking KPI. These have been used in strategic business management for a long time to track KPIs. Balanced scorecards are designed for providing a framework for managing resources. As you would understand, it is something you must have to understand as an accounts student. At, our balanced scorecard and time-based measures assignment help are specifically catered for students who require help with assignments on a topic like this.

What is Balanced Scorecard?

Balanced scorecard is a strategic management and planning system used by organizations for:

  • Communicating what they wish to achieve.
  • Prioritizing products, services, and projects.
  • Aligning strategy with regular work
  • Monitoring and measuring the progress towards the targets.

When you hire our balanced scorecard and time-based measures homework help, you will get to know exactly what balanced scorecard means and what are the time-based measures involved. The system tries to connect the strategic elements involving the big picture, such as purpose, vision, strategic focus area, core values, etc. with the elements that are rather more operational, such as objectives, measures (KPIs), initiatives and targets.

Four Basic Perspectives

There are four basic perspectives or viewpoints that have to be taken into consideration with balanced scorecard. You should have an idea of these perspectives. If you don’t, you can always choose our balanced scorecard and time-based measures assignment help. The four viewpoints are:

  • Financial:

This prospective tracks the financial performance of the organization along with the use of financial resources.

  • Stakeholder/Customer:

With this perspective, the performance of the organization is viewed from the point of view of key stakeholder or customers.

  • Internal Process:

This perspective covers the internal operational goals required for meeting the objectives of the customer. It views the performance through the eyes of efficiency and quality related to the products or services.

  • Organizational Capacity:

Views from the perspective or intangible drivers like human capital, informational systems, training, infrastructure, technology, organizational capital, etc.

All these are just the basics of balanced scorecard to give you an idea. If you want a detailed understanding, you can go for our balanced scorecard and time-based measures homework help. Our expert tutors will make sure that all your doubts on the topic are cleared.

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