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Get an idea about balanced scorecard: quality and time

Balanced Scorecard is a tool that is very helpful in measuring the performance of an organization. You can also call it as a type of structural form of reporting procedure that is complimented by the various design methods as well as different automation tools which act like a support system for the top management for keeping track of various activities that are executed by the staff. Monitoring the various consequences and controlling is also done with Balanced Scorecard help.

The two main important aspects of Balanced Scorecard are quality and time. The quality of functioning and delivering the optimum results and the time taken for completion of an activity are the vital factors for the success of organization. Balanced scorecard automatically covers the aspects of quality and time, and thus a complete idea can be obtained that how the organization is proceeding and whether the workforce is performing to the best of their abilities or not.

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Some important highlights on this topic

The topic of balanced scorecard: quality and time covers certain crucial parameters, and they are discussed as follows-

  • Balanced Scorecard can be used on an individual level and as well as on the strategic management level.
  • The strategic agenda of a company is automatically covered in balanced
  • Entire monitoring is done in an exceptional manner using Balanced Scorecard.
  • It covers all types of data values whether they are related to financial areas or non financial
  • It is the best strategy model for corrective intervention purpose.
  • It keeps into account various perspectives like learning and growth, business process, customer approach, financial approach and other domains.

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