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Are you interested in knowing the meaning of balance sheet ratio? It is mainly done to get the insight of the different items when compared with another. As a result of this comparison, you will get to know about

  • Weaknesses or strength of the financial position
  • Changes in the financial position
  • You can learn about the relationship between various items

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The two types of balance sheet ration are,

  • Debt equity ratio
  • Debt ratio

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Do you want me to explain balance sheet?

  • Balance sheet is actually the financial statement.
  • It is able to provide the complete picture of the financial position of the company.
  • It makes a list of company’s shareholder’s equities, liabilities, company’s assets
  • Both the cash flow statement and income statement gives the total information of the flow of cash and profit incurred by the company.

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The relationship between two components is determined by the balance sheet ratio. It may thereby include the following:

  • An income statement component and the components from a balance sheet
  • The relationship between two components like liabilities, assets shareholder equity
  • It deals with the relationship between cash flow component statement and income statement component
  • Any two components of the income statement like sales, net income, gross profit
  • It also deals with the cash flow statement component and the balance sheet component.

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