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Balance of Payments Meaning

This is also known as the balance of international payments or B.O.P. of a nation. It consists of all economic transactions records which took place between the country’s residents and the world in a specific period. These transactions take place among government bodies, individuals or firms. This is why B.O.P. includes a country’s all external non-visible and visible transactions.

In short, it records all the transactions of a country which happens between the country’s residents and the rest of the world. These transactions include exports and imports of commodities, capital, services and transfer payments. A country’s B.O.P. and its position of total international investment together constitute the international accounts. Know more by ordering our Balance of Payments assignment answers.

Types of Accounts in B.O.P

It classifies transactions in two different accounts. One is the current account, and another one is the capital account. The current account consists of transactions of commodities, current transfers, investment income and services and capital account consists of reserves of Central Banks and financial instruments. To define it narrowly, it consists transactions in various financial instruments. In national output’s calculations, the current account is always included whereas capital account is not included.

Economic Policy

Balance of payments along with a position of international investment position data is always critical when formulating international and national economic policy. Certain aspects of data in balance of payments like payment imbalances and direct investment in foreign are issues which a country’s policymaker has to address. To know more about economic policy one should order our Balance of Payments assignment answers.

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