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Products manufactured by a firm vary in several different criteria. The study of the nature of the products forms a basic area of social science majority of which can be understood with a little average and marginal products homework help.

A study of the nature of products

What is meant by an Average product in Marketing?

Before we start with understanding what an average product or a marginal product actually means, it is important to know the basic definition of the total product. Total product is the measure of the total amount of output obtained from a particular amount of input functions, given that these functions can be considered fixed.

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Now, an average product is the function of the entire output obtained per unit of the factors that are employed. Average product may also be termed as APP or average physical product.

  • It can be defined as the factor that speaks of what is used to manufacture the products.
  • Calculation of average product can help a firm to ascertain a rightful price for the products manufactured
  • If we plot a curve for average products, it can be seen that the average product of certain variable factors rises But later, it tends to decline. More details are present in our average and marginal products assignment help.
  • It can also suggest any alteration that can be introduced into the production system to increase its efficiency. For instance reducing the overall costs of the project.

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What is meant by a Marginal product in Marketing?

The marginal product differs from the average product from the fact that in this case an additional unit of the function is employed. Like average product marginal product can also be termed as the marginal physical product. Our trustworthy tutorial portal, myhomeworkhelp.com recruits efficient teachers who can assist students in the process of obtaining informative facts on this topic.

Coming back to marginal product-

  • It is the estimated change that can be observed in the output obtained from the production process due to the introduction of an additional factor. For instance, increase in the number of labor appointed for a particular production process.
  • It can be established that the marginal product of labor is the difference observed in the output of a production process with a change in the number of labors working.
  • The marginal product of the labor can be obtained by drawing a tangent along the inverted-U shaped curve of the total product.

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