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Financial transactions are happening in millions every second, all around the globe.So many people transact and spend money on several items and services. Not only people, firms and economic bodies also deal with huge amounts of money transactions. Keeping track of such amounts is very tough, even with software and databases.

Besides, there is always a risk of stealth from funds and forgeries in firms where collective money is involved. Precautions are highly required in such situations. This is the basic reason why auditing came into existence and indirectly triggered need for Audit Report Homework Solutions. But what is this idea all about? Let us first look into that.


First, one must know how exactly fraudulent activities take place with public money. It can be most easily done by cashiers or ones who keep a record of money transactions. Suppose, a cashier wants to steal some money for himself;all he has to do is to decide an amount and move it from the cash box. He can next show some false expense and enter it in the records for others to see.

It will be then hard even to find out that there has been a fraud.What to do then? If such frauds continue, any firm will go bankrupt in a matter of months. So, all companies and economic organizations call a third party to check that their financial records are okay or not.This is precisely the idea of auditing. And it is of utmost importance in case of Audit Report Assignment Solutions.

Subject matters

Writing definitions is very popular in questions and Audit Report Homework Solutions. So we must first formally define things before going into details. The definition of an audit is to study financial records, statements and evidence to give a written opinion about its authenticity and legality. This is the job of an auditor, the neutral third party who is expected togive an unbiased opinion.

Reports given by this auditor can be one of the following types:

  • Clean –

It is a verdict that every record or statement is completely proved to be legal in all respect.

  • Qualified –

It means that there have been certain limitations to the work of the auditor and he was not able to verify everything. It is stated that the rest is completely verified and legitimate and hence hopefully not fraudulent.

  • Adverse –

This states that there were flaws in records and its evidence. It was not at all legal in every sense.

  • Compromised –

If there is some connection between the auditor and audited, then the report may not be an unbiased one.But, it will bea compromised or diplomatic one.

These classifications are expected in your Audit Report Assignment Solutions, in case of appropriate questions. But not to worry much about that as long as you hold the hand of

Now come to the most relevant question of all. How to prepare such reports?This needs a separate discussion as it is of grave importance both academically in Audit Report Homework Solutions, and professionally. In any report from an auditor there are commonly three major points in general. They are:

  • Responsibilities –

It highlights the objectives that the auditor is concerned with and also how much the audited supported in this concern.Good entry here creates an impression and mostly results in positive feed backs.

  • Scope –

Here the auditor mentions about his or her freedom in doing the work. They talk about how much they could explore and how much they could not.

  • Conclusion –

It is the final part where an auditor presents their conclusions. It can be any one of the four types as discussed previously. Usually, this last part is the most significant in determining the authenticity and success in an organization’s financial statements.

Writing a model audit report or stating its different sections are parts of Audit Report Assignment Solutions, of very common questions in assignments.

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