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Noise reduction:

It is the method by which unwanted noise is removed from the signal. Any type of analog or digital recording devices are vulnerable to noise. For instance, in an electronic device, random electrons cause major noise that moves away from their actual path due to influence from heat.

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Audio noise reduction:

Also known as active noise reduction, this method is used to reduce noise by including a second noise especially for eliminating the first sound.

How is it done?

What we call sound is actually a pressure wave having alternative periods of compression and rarefaction. In a noise-cancellation speaker, sound wave is emitted in similar amplitude; with antiphase to the original one.The two waves together form a new one cancelling out each other. This is known as destructive interference effect.

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Types of audio noise reduction;

Basically, there are four types to decrease or lessen sound:

  • Dual ended systems or codec:

This system has two applications. One, pre-emphasis process, during recording and other, de-emphasis process, at playback. Examples: Dolby C, Dolby S.

  • Single ended surface noise reduction –

This system is applied to decrease sounds of pops and scratches in playback of phonograph records.

  • Single ended pre-recording –

This system functions for affecting the medium of recording during the recording time. Examples: Dolby HX Pro.

  • Single ended hiss reduction–

This system functions to lessen noise when it occurs. It includes reduction of noise caused both before and after recording, also for live broadcast applications. Examples: DNR

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