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Auction theory:

Auction is a theory of economics and it deals with the topic how individuals act in the market of auction. This theory also researches the properties of auction markets. Auction theorists discuss the designs of auction and typical issues. They study equilibrium bidding strategies, auction design, and revenue comparison.

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General idea of auction:

  • The process of auction is used to sell any item or property.
  • Participants here submit an amount of money that they want to pay.
  • The participant who bids highest can get the item of the auction.

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Different types of auctions discussed in this subject of economic:

Generally, there are four types of auction. These are:

  • First-price sealed-bid auction.
  • Second-price sealed-bid auction.
  • Open ascending bid-auction.
  • Open descending bid-auction.

Except these four auction types, there are more types of auctions that are also learnt by the students of economics.

These are:

  • All-pay auction.
  • Amsterdam auction.
  • Homogeneous item auction.
  • Ascending package auction.
  • Position auction.
  • Menu auction.
  • Unique bid auction.
  • Simultaneous multiple round
  • Generalized second price auction.

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