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Aromatic Compounds are the part of organic chemistry. It is a ring shaped molecule’s planer that is much more stable than other plans of similar atomic sets. The atoms in these compounds are so stable that they only break when they react with other chemical. Aromatic compounds are derives from:

  • Homocyclic or carbolic compounds, containing only carbon atoms.
  • Heterocyclic compound, they contain one or more atoms other than carbon in their ring skeletons.

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Something more about the subject

It has a vast expanse with unsaturated chemical compounds of several planer rings. Benzene and phenol is carbolic compound known as carbolic aromatic. Pyrrole and pyridine is heterocyclic compound known as heterocyclic aromatic. . Benzene is commonly found in petroleum, and most of the organic compounds are derived from benzene. So aromatic compounds also known as benzene derivatives. If you are bit confused about the subject and their derivatives for doing your assignment, you can ask for an aromatic compounds assignment help from

Simple criteria of aromatics

Organic chemistry is containing lots of chemical compounds. Among them aromatic compounds are those who fulfill some criteria such as

  • The molecules must have the ability to be planar or flat shaped structure
  • They must contain 4n +2 electrons delocalized over their flat structure.
  • The molecules must follow Hiickel’s rule
  • All the atoms in the ring skeleton must participate the delocalizing the electrons.

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