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Accounts is not a single subject, it does no stand alone. It is consist of many other subject matter such as mathematics business management, business organization etc.Hence, Theories are also combination of these individual subjects. And it helps in explaining all existing method,the way for better learning and how to provide and explain all relevant principles that lead to the development of the subject matter through proper evaluation.

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The subject matter is defined in many ways by different professionals. But in a nutshell it is the bunch of principles consisting scientific and systematic statement and methods to evaluate the application and to develop new procedures.Practical application can never be separated from these theories. Its main objective is to make right prediction and proper explanation of application. Are you bit confused?

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Its play a significant role

For understanding accounts as a subject, to solve complicated problems of accounts and to develop new useful formula it helps a lot. Other significance uses are:

  • To provide correct and updated information for external applications.
  • Help in evaluation of old and new formulas
  • Guides to adopt right procedure for right application of accounts.
  • Helps in realization the accounting application of corporate business organization
  • Show the right business operational dictions for market, product, customer etc.
  • Helps in making useful policy of accounts for the field of business.

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Subject has a vast expanse so for ensuring easy handling it is segmented in several divisions they are listed below –

  • Structural method

Focus in observing the mechanical jobs on the basis of assumption which are performed traditionally by an accountant.

  • Theory of interpretation

It is part of classical method and on the basis of customer behavior its try to interpret and understand the meaning of information and resources which are used in accounts

  • Theory for effectiveness of decision

It helps to enhance our capacity to realize the relevancy between information and communication for taking the right decision.

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