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Annual percentage rate (APR), describes the annual interest rate. It often corresponds to a nominal APR. It also corresponds to an effective APR. It is actually a type of finance charge which is denoted as an annual rate. These terms have certain formal, legal way of defining in few countries.

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The general meaning of this term:

  • The compound interest rate plus the fee makes the effective APR
  • The simple interest rate for a year is the nominal APR
  • ThisAPRisthemost simple counterpart of the effective interest rate
  • This interest rate to be paid by the borrower as part of his loan.
  • In various countries, the bank is supposed to show the borrowing cost
  • Annual percentage rate is meant to compare easily between the loan options and the lenders.

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Do you think APR is a comparable standard?

  • It can’t be used as a comparable standard
  • All its regulators have failed to define accurately as which fees to excluded and which fees to be included during calculation
  • As a result it will create confusion among the lenders.
  • On the contrary, consumers may be able to use the nominal interest rate on its loan.
  • APR may be totally meaningless, when the items such as in the automobile leasing, the cost of the good’s national price may be hidden
  • While taking lease, if the lessee gets an option for purchase after the end of his lease term, the APR cost gets more complicated by this option.

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