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Analyzing the Macro Environment Assignment Help

How Analyzing the Macro Environment Homework Help is done?Β 

The environment in which an organization operates is divided into Micro and Macro Environment.

Micro Environment is concerned with the internal forces of the organization like:

  • Consumers
  • Competitors
  • Market
  • Suppliers
  • Intermediaries

Macro Environment on the other hand is concerned with the forces which are external to the organization. An organization can exercise a little control over its micro environment to change it as per their demands but the same cannot be done for the Macro Environment.

The elements of the Macro EnvironmentΒ 

Analyzing Macro Environment Homework Help is essential to understand the environment and to adapt to it. Their elements are as follows:

  • Demographic Environment

Demographics refer to the characteristics which define the population of a given area or region. It takes into considerations factors like age, income level, gender, educational qualifications, employment status and socio-economic conditions. These factors help in analyzing macro environment homework help.

  • Economic Environment

The economic environment takes into consideration the movement of the country to a particular economic level of growth and development. It includes factors like the market, resources, economic indices, the prevalent interest rate and the growth potential of the country.

  • Legal Environment

The legal environment is concerned with the status of the law and order of the country. It includes the workings of the Government, the degree to which the business world is affected by the change in the Government’s composition, the corporate laws, taxes etc.

  • Socio-cultural environment

This environment deals with the socio-cultural environment prevalent in the country. The factors include the level of gender equality, the traditions followed, the cultural diversification, prevalence of racial prejudices and discrimination.

  • Technological Environment

The environment takes into consideration the advancement of technology in a country and the extent of automation of manual tasks and activities. Its factors include the prevalence of technological changes and innovation, the research and development undertaken by organizations, using advanced technology to reduce human error and efficiency.Β 

Analyzing the Macro Environment Assignment Help

To help compete and adapt with the forces analyzing the Macro Environment is essential. This is done because companies need to adapt their operations as per the turbulence of the environment in which they operate.Β  The best way to do this is use the SWOT Analysis.Β 

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is the acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats Analysis. They are described below:

  • Strength

Strength is the inherent capability of an organization which gives it a competitive advantage over others. This may be in the form of a loyal customer base or a developed Research and Development Department.

  • Weakness

This is an inherent disability in an organization which can be a disadvantageous for the organization.

  • Opportunity

An Opportunity is a condition which an organization can use to gain competitive advantage over its rivals.

  • Threats

Threats are conditions which can have an adverse affect on the organization. This can be in the form of disruption in the supply of raw materials etc.

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