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Welcome to! Here, you can get the best online homework assistance service with just a few clicks. If you are looking for amplifiers homework answers, you can avail our services. We have just the right team of tutors to help you out. Amplifier is basically an electronic device that is used of enhancing or improving the strength of signals. As such, it is a very common topic in subject like electronics or physics.

What are amplifiers?

As mentioned before, an electronic amplifier is an electronic devise that increases the power of a signal. It utilizes electric power from power supply for increasing a signal’s amplitude. The measure of amplification that an amplifier provides is done through its gain. The gain is the ratio if its output power, voltage or current to its input. The electronic circuit that an amplifier is has power gain of more than one.

There are two forms of amplifiers: it may be an electrical circuit that is contained within a device or it can be a separate equipment of its own. In modern electronics, amplification is very crucial as it is used widely in almost all the electronic equipment. Being an important topic, you must frame your amplifiers assignment answers properly. You can take professional online help from us for doing that.

More on amplification

When referring to amplifiers, you would generally only think of musical equipment or stereo components. However, it is just a representation of audio amplifiers, while they are available all around in computers, MP3 players, televisions, etc.

Amplifier can be considered to be device that changes the amplitude of a signal. The factor called transfer function can be used for calculation the increase in amplitude. When it comes to electronic circuits that signals that are used in amplifiers are generally either voltage or current. A sound is considered to be amplified if the devices makes a louder sound while maintaining the same clarity.

Types of amplifiers

You may have to write about different types of amplifiers in your amplifiers assignment answers. Amplifiers are classified as per the source that is to be amplified, the type of signal, the driving device and the frequency of the signal. Some types of amplifiers include:

  • Audio amplifiers
  • RF amplifiers
  • Current amplifiers
  • Voltage amplifiers
  • Trans-conductance amplifiers
  • Trans-resistance amplifiers

Regardless of the type, any amplifier works by firstly receiving the signal for an input source and then modulating it in a way that the output signal has a similar shape but has greater amplitude or is more powerful.

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