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When it comes to allocating common costs topic in Accountancy, it is a matter of great concern. This is the subject that talks on the process of recognizing and appointing costs to cost objects thereby. It is a vast topic, and students often find it difficult when it comes to the home assignment part of it. This is why students look for allocating common costs homework help desperately.

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What is meant by allocating common costs?

  • It necessarily means to identify, aggregate and assign costs to a cost object which could be a product, customer, a sales region,
  • Here costs incurred on a product are measured. It is analyzed from the budget costs to the actual costs.
  • While allocating common costs on the objects, the business is in a position to understand if the product or the service is giving them profit or not.
  • As stated, students hence require manuals as allocating common costs assignment help so that they do not go wrong.

Methods of allocating common costs 

The idea of using allocation method is to do justice with the product’s costing. Some of the mechanisms used are-

  1. Direct Allocation Method-

Here, the cost is all redistributed to the production departments based on the ratio of their specified percentages.

For example, you have allocated service department costs to A, B and C production units with 30 %, 35%, and 25% respectively, which comes to 90% in total.  Now the remaining 10% of the service costs are allocated to purchase department.

In a scenario such as this, students look for allocating common costs homework help. The students are expected to use direct method to reallocate that 10% overhead cost from the purchasing department on a prorated basis. Therefore, A is allocated 30% of 90% and so on.

  1. Stand-alone method-

Here it distributes the cost on the basis of the usage of the cost object.

  1. Incremental allocation method-

Under this method, the costs are allocated on the primary usage of the object, then secondary and so on.

  1. The step-down method-

This is where the ranking of the service departments are done in the form of their importance

  1. The reciprocal method-

It first determines the allocation of bases, summing up with proportion of amount with formulae and then showing the allocation.

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