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Everybody Claims Alcohols and Ethers Homework Help Is the Best Guide

If you want to get a crystal clear view of ethers and alcohol, then you must check our alcohols and ethers homework help. The typical names of alcohol are commonly based on the alkyl group. The common alcohol names are as follows:

  • Methyl alcohol CH3OH
  • Isopropyl alcohol CH3CHOHCH3
  • Ethyl alcohol CH3CH2OH

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The name of isopropyl alcohol in a methodical way is as follows:

  • 2- propanol CH3CHOHCH3
  • CH3OH methanol
  • CH3CH2OH ethanol

It simply uses a particular number to determine the carbon that can carry the OH group.

What is methyl alcohol or methanol?

  • Wood alcohol is also a common name for methanol
  • Actually it was made from heating the wood until and unless a liquid was distilled
  • It is extremely toxic and may cause death by drinking it
  • Ethyl alcohol or ethanol is that kind of alcohol which is associated with any kind of alcoholic beverages
  • For the last 6000 years it was made by just adding yeast to these solutions rich in starches or sugar
  • As a result the yeast cells can gain the energy from reactions that occurred from cartalyzing enzyme
  • Finally the yeast cells convert the starch or sugar to CO2 and ethanol
  • When the alcoholic concentration reaches to a volume by 10% to 12%, the yeast cells dies away
  • A lot of alcoholic beverages like rum, gin, brandy and other forms of whiskey are produced by different fermentation reaction and then are prepared by distilling the alcohol
  • Compared to methanol, ethanol is not that toxic
  • With an increase in the level of alcohol between 0.4 and 0.6 g/100ml may lead to hazardous health condition like coma or death

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